Babywearing Halloween Costume Idea: Farmer & Chicken


At Happy Baby, Halloween is our jam! We love it! We thought it would be fun to post a series of easy DIY costume ideas to give you a little inspiration for this year’s holiday. Babywearing makes everything easier, so why not incorporate your baby into your Halloween costume and give yourself a little hands-free convenience? Plus, if your baby has older siblings, they’ll think your the coolest parent ever with you joining in the costume fun!

Most of the baby portions of the costumes this year are no-sew. We used mostly felt fabrics and freehanded the cuts, then secured them using fabric glue.

DIY Halloween Ideas

Our first costume idea for this year is a Farmer with a Baby Chick. We love how it turned out!

Farmer and Chicken Babywearing Costume

For Bre, we used overalls we had on hand. Brad bought these years ago at a farming/ranch supply store, but you can use any overalls to get the look. We also had the bandana on hand, but they can be purchased on Amazon for just a few bucks. We ordered the hat on Amazon as well.

Farmer and Chicken Babywearing Costume

For Roman’s chicken costume, we totally lucked out at Hobby Lobby! This soft minky fabric totally resembles feathers!

To create the hat, we cut three sections so that they fit together in a bonnet shape which we tied on with white felt. The beak, fringe, and eyes were made with felt and secured with a single hand stitch.

Farmer and Chicken Babywearing Costume

For the body of the chicken, we folded the fabric over and cut an egg shape leaving the folded side intact. I intended to glue the bottom and thread our sunshine baby wrap through, but completely forgot before the shoot, so we ended up tucking it under Roman’s bottom and it worked out just fine. The leggings are from Carter’s and make the cutest little chicken legs! Don’t you agree?

Hope this helps give a little Halloween costume inspiration! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments or ask us on Instagram at

Farmer and Chicken Babywearing Costume

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